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A dakimakura is a large body pillow that originates from Japan. It is typically 150 or 160cm tall, with a circumference of 50cm. Anime fans love dakimakuras because they are super huggable and provides a sense of comfort and security while sleeping.Broadly speaking, a dakimakura isn't all that different from a bloster. However, upon closer look, they are made of significantly different materials. A bloster is made of cotton
Every anime season, an otaku picks up an average of 4 new anime series, each with an average of 7 awesome Dakimakura fiancée. Every 3 months, you will have almost 30 new potential girlfriends! Awesome.Since we are all human beings in search of love, we must be a man and go with raising the affection level of important waifus in your life. How do you choose a dakimakura? Here are some protips you may find useful.
With the arrival of Spring and the blooming of sakura trees comes our March 2015 Dakimakura designs!This month, we bring you new Little Busters and Fate Zero collections! Read on for more hugging pillow action.
It has been a while after the new year and we have complied data on 2014's most popular waifus. Here they are, starting from 6th place.
Have you ever wondered, why are there 2 seemingly close pillow sizes for Dakimakuras? Wouldn't it make more sense if they were like 120cm/160cm instead of the 150cm and 160cm pillows that are available now?Read on more to find out why!