Dakimakura is Love, Dakimakura is Life.


Have you ever browsed the internet clicking through a dozen stores for Dakimakuras? You might have noticed that there are many beautiful designs out there, but you might need to sift through even more not-so-good designs, Ipad cases and unrelated items to find them. It is tiring and inefficient isn't it?

Here at ShoukoSS, we bring in only the best; the designs you are actually interested in. We bring you the world's most enticing anime dakimakura collection.


A Dakimakura is a prized poession and a long time companion. Awesome Dakimakuras requires not just a good design, but also quality fabric, vibrant prints and intricate attention to detail. We take pride in bringing you that and more.

With a smaller catalog of just 600 designs, our team is capable of checking every Dakimakura that arrives. From the print sharpness, fabric texture to tiny threads and the smoothness of zippers, they are throughly inspected. Rest assure when you shop with us!


We work closely with leading dakimakura manufacturers from across the world, bringing you their latest designs. We ship from several fulfillment centres, including Hong Kong, Australia, Germany and USA. On average, your dakimakura arrives in 9.72 days after your order is placed, it also comes with detailed tracking information.

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Whether you are looking for your first dakimakura or are an experienced veteran, we have something for you! Have a look around our collections or best sellers of the month.(click the banner below!) If you have any queries, feel free to drop us a note!