Custom Dakimakura Pillow Case

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  • Custom Anime Dakimakura Hugging Pillow Case
  • Dimensions to choose from: 150cm x 50cm/160cm x 50cm
  • Fabrics Available: Peach Skin/2 Way Tricot
  • Inner Pillow sold seperately. Available here.

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USD $ 45.00

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Custom Printing

Artwork requirements

150cm x 50cm dakimakura

Minimum: 1500 x 4500 pixels

Recommended: 3000 x 9000 pixels

160cm x 50cm dakimakura

Minimum: 1600 x 4500 pixels

Recommended: 3200 x 9000 pixels

Artwork format: PNG , JPEG or PSD

How to Order

1) Select the total quantity, size and material on the right sidebar

2) Add the Custom Dakimakura to cart and complete the checkout process

3) Send your artwork to

4) Sit back and let us take over! Our staff will double check your artwork and make sure it fits the right dimensions and resolution. You will receive a confirmation email on the next working day about your custom dakimakura approval.

5) Your dakimakura is under production and will be ready within 2 - 4 working days. A second shipping confirmation email will be sent with your package's tracking number.


Q: How do I order multiple designs?

A: Simply add the total quantity of dakimakuras to cart and send us the designs at

Please also let us know how many pieces of each design you would like.

Q: What if I wish to order some dakimakuras in Peach Skin and some in 2 Way Tricot?

A: No worries! You can first add your Peach Skin order to cart, switch the material option to 2 Way Tricot and add to cart again. After checking out, send us your designs and let us know in the email which design you would like on which material.

Q: How long does it usually take?

2 - 4 working days. In the peak December season, it will take 3 - 5 working days.

Q: I have other questions!

No problem! Email us at and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Peach Skin

Peach Skin is a medium weight microfibre fabric made from interweaving countless tiny fibre threads. The best description of the fabric's texture is the skin of a real peach; it has a soft, cosy feel and is very comfy to hug! It is the most popular fabric for Dakimakuras especially for first time owners because of its great durability and comparably lower price.                               

dakimakura pillow animepeach skin body pillow dakimakura

2 Way Tricot

The Tricot fabric is very soft, smooth and elastic in nature and feels similar to top teir silk. The definition of "Two Way" means wrinkle-proof in two directions, this premium fabric still looks brand new even after months of owning it. 2 Way Tricot is widely regarded as the best dakimakura fabric available, because of its awesome feel, texture and durability .

Japanese body pillow

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Japanese hugging pillow

anime pillows

A dakimakura kept in good condition will be your close companion for many years.

Some tips to keep your dakimakura in top condition.

Wash your Dakimakura inside out

To prevent unnecessary friction on the outside of your Dakimakura while washing. It definitely is helpful in the long term!

Store in a clean area

Try not to bring food and drinks near.

Hug frequently!

Always increase affection points with your beloved dakimakura whenever possible.

anime dakimakura hugging pillow case

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