Deluxe Comfort Dakimakura Inner Pillow

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  • Dakimakura Inner Hugging Pillow
  • Available in 150cm or 160cm length
  • Highly squeezable and huggable
  • Shipping weight 1.9kg

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Available in 150cm and 160cm lengths, this lovely Deluxe Dakimakura Inner Pillow is perfect for your dakimakura cover!

Vaccum sealed

The inner pillow is vaccum packed and sealed right for ensures maximum freshness. This ensures no dust enters the pure white fibres. Once you receive your new pillow, give it a fluff, the microfibres will expand back to it's original size in a few hours.

Dakimakura inner pillow

It's ready!

You may put on the dakimakura pillow cover now!

dakimakura inner pillow 2

Made for Comfort and Hugs!

Made of high density polyester, this pillow has just the right firmness for the highest "huggable" factor. It compresses just the right amount when hugged and squeezed and is guarenteed to leave you wanting more.

Fluffy Rebounce!

A good inner pillow must also have the right rebounce rate. The compressed area of this pillow effortlessly restore to it's original shape. So that you never have to manually fluff your pillow after everytime you hug it.

The Best Around

We have hugged dozens of pillow of all ranges around the world, from really budget ones to expensive Norwidgen alternatives. None was as squeezable with the right combination of comfort, rebounce and firmness as our Deluxe Comfort Dakimakura Inner Pillow! We guarentee you will love this pillow.